CityBin CityJunk

The Client.

CityBin service tens of thousands of businesses and homes from Galway to Dublin and have earned notable awards along the way. The City Bin Co. was the first and only company in the waste management industry to be placed on the ‘Index of Excellence’ by Excellence Ireland. The practice and pursuit of excellence is part of our company culture. We have been a Deloitte Best Managed Companies (Ireland) four years in a row as well as representing Ireland twice in the European Business Awards in the area of Customer Focus.

The Project.

CityJunk Custom Woocommerce

CityJunk is a new service from The CityBin Co. It’s a waste collection service that comes to your home. They needed a website that could handle the bookings, drivers and order management with multiple user types having access to the system.

We used WooCommerce as the basis for this website because we needed something that could be heavily customised but easily maintained.

We worked with CityBin’s designer in creating a website that endorsed the CityBin brand while still having the feeling of being a new company.

The website handles a huge amount of the collection service, even allowing the drivers to come in and log their collections and leave notes on orders through their mobiles.

Services Used
  • System Development
  • WordPress Development
  • Consulting
CityJunk – Homepage
Clean & Simple

The CityBin Homepage

We used authoritative font’s, the colour blue and images of water and rowing the convey the feelings of authority, trust and precision. We focused on making this site impressive, simple and fast to leave a positive impression on the minds of both investors and clients of this company.

Category Page
Choosing your items

The Category Page

We needed a page that could encapsulate all the things that could be collected from a house, without overwhelming the user. CityJunk collect everything from trampolines to toilets. We used a hierarchal structure and drop-downs, to make this easy for the customer on both desktop and mobile.

Cart Page
The last check

The Cart Page

The cart page is the customers last overview of their order before they finally checkout. This page needs to clearly state what they should expect, and how much it will cost. The cart is a great place to display any last warnings to the customer.

Checkout Page
It’s happening

The Checkout Page

The checkout page is a very important page on a website. It needs to ask just enough questions, but not too many. We used a completely custom layout here to guide the customer through the ordering process. We also used an address autofill to make this process easier while also checking if the address is serviceable with the least friction possible.


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