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We take away distractions, build trust and address potential questions so that your visitor converts.

Landing Pages

What Should They Be Used For?

Landing pages are a powerful asset for an online business. Before building one we will schedule a brief discovery meeting that will help us gather information and provide some insight as to what the plan will be moving forward.

Nowadays creating a standard landing page with just your offer usually isn’t enough. When we work on landing pages we look at the entire journey of how the user finds this page, why they click the call to action and what will happen after the landing page. To make a successful landing page we need to consider how all traffic will interact and be delivered to this page.

The information we gather in the previous step will dictate the design and copy we use on a landing page. The usual standards of clear call to action, speed and responsiveness still apply. Where we really see high conversion rates is when we can keep familiarity between the acquisition of the visitor for our landing page, the landing page, and the resulting content. We also look at previous orders and customer support to see what issues and questions users have before purchasing and make sure these issues are explained high on our landing page with supporting content to follow.

Do You Need A Landing Page?

Making a great landing page requires us to understand what you are trying to achieve. Contact us today and find out how we can get you one step closer to giving your prospects no other choice than conversion.

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