What is the Online Trading Voucher and how does it work?

The online trading voucher is a great way to bring down the cost of bringing your business online.

What is the Online Trading Voucher for?

The online trading voucher was established to help small Irish business’s in trading online. The trading voucher will cover up to 50% of your website development costs up to €5000. So that means you can get a maximum of €2500 from the council, but you must match it with your own €2500.

The online trading voucher can be used on new or existing websites but it must be used to enable or improve the ability of online trading. It can’t be used for a brochure website. Your website must sell something in some form to be able to apply for the voucher.

I’d like a voucher

How do I get one?

To avail of an online trading voucher it’s best to contact your local LEO office. You can find the one closest to you by clicking here. They will speak to you about your eligibility for the trading voucher. If they think you are a good fit they will ask you to get 3 quotes from local development agencies.